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Month: February 2016

LA TIMES: Homeowners Worry About Property Values

By Alice Walton and James Rufus Koren, LA Times

“The capping of a massive gas leak this month brought relief to the Porter Ranch community. But as thousands of displaced residents return to their homes, many are worrying if their property values have taken a big hit.

The four-month leak in Aliso Canyon laid bare that Porter Ranch is near an enormous natural gas storage reservoir and that leaking wells can make life in the community unpleasant. The question is whether those facts will mean declining real estate prices in the upscale, master-planned community…”

LA TIMES: Gas Leak Permanently capped

By Alice Walton , Hailey Branson-Potts and Louis Sahagun

“State officials on Thursday announced that the leaking natural gas well in Porter Ranch that spewed plumes of methane and other compounds into the atmosphere has been sealed.

‘We have good news. The Division of Oil and Gas has confirmed that the leak in the Aliso Canyon storage field is permanently sealed,’ Jason Marshall, chief deputy director of the state Department of Conservation, said at a news conference at a Southern California Gas Co. office in Chatsworth…”

LA Times: Gas Leak Temporarily Stopped

By Louis Sahagun , Alice Walton and Abby Sewell

“Southern California Gas Co. announced Thursday that it has temporarily controlled the flow of gas from a well near Porter Ranch, a crucial first step in the effort to stop the leak that has forced thousands to flee their homes.

The gas company said that a relief well reached the base of the leaking well and that officials are now pumping ‘heavy fluids to temporarily control the flow of gas out of the leaking well.’ That could keep the leak plugged permanently…”

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