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Month: June 2016

National Bill Signed to Prevent Gas Leaks Like Porter Ranch

LA Daily News –

President Barack Obama signed a law hoping to prevent natural gas leaks similar to the gas leak at Aliso Canyon in Porter Ranch, CA. The bill by Rep. Steve Knight, whose district represents Porter Ranch, intends to create safety standards to prevent future leaks at natural gas storage facilities across the nation. “I saw firsthand the pain that families in Porter Ranch went through during the gas leak, and I want to ensure that such suffering doesn’t happen in the future. This Law will go a long way to protect communities across the country from that type of disaster,” said Knight in a statement.

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NASA – Porter Ranch Gas Leak was So Big It Could Be Seen from Space

The gas leak at Aliso Canyon in Porter Ranch was so large it could be seen from space, according to a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) statement released on Tuesday. The leak was spotted by the Hyperion spectrometer on NASA’S Earth Observing-1, marking the first time that an orbiting spacecraft measured a gas leak from a single facility on Earth.

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